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Hover your mouse over a tile.
Left-click or press 'm' to place or remove a mine.
Right-click or press 'j', 'k', or 'l' to change field status.
If your download does not start automatically, copy the board data below and save it in a text file.
You can select a local file:
You can also copy your board data into the field below.
Then, press “Apply”.

Welcome to 53lu Minesweeper

For the “First Try Safe” and “Pure Intellect” game modes, the distribution of mines is determined by 1) game number, 2) game mode, and 3) the first uncovered field. For the “Fully Random” game mode, the distribution of mines is determined only by the game number.

Supersonic Mode allows users to play without clicking, except for when starting the game. When using Supersonic Mode, hover your mouse above a covered field to flag it, and hover it over a numbered field to uncover all surrounding fields. Hold the 'Ctrl' key to temporarily toggle Supersonic Mode. Hold the left mouse button to uncover fields. Hold the right mouse button to remove flags.

In the “Pure Intellect” mode, boards are always solvable. No luck-based moves are necessary.

If the game behaves strangely and you suspect that the game data are corrupt, you can reset the game by using the “Factory Settings” function.

The maximum width and height of a custom board is 500.

List of Shortcut Keys:

[space], b  Plant a flag or uncover surrounding fields
F2, nNew Game
rRestart Game
+, -Zoom In, zoom Out
hRequest Hint
m, j, k, lModify Edited Board
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