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How to Use Morse Code Translator?

Just type in the Morse code or text to the corresponding input fields to use the Morse code converter. For instance, do you remember the Nokia SMS Tone? Try decoding “... -- ...” then playing the audio of it. How about decoding a secret message in Morse or the easter egg you found in a game you played? Well, Morse Code Translator can help you as long as you have an internet connection and the ambition to learn Morse code.

What is SOS in Morse Code?

SOS in Morse code is “... --- ...”

What is the Morse Code for I Love You?

“I Love You” in Morse code is “.. / .-.. --- ...- . / -.-- --- ..-”

How to Say Hello in Morse Code?

“Hello” in Morse code is “.... . .-.. .-.. ---”

How Do You Say Help in Morse Code?

“Help” in Morse code is “.... . .-.. .--.”, but you can also use the SOS signal, which is “... --- ...”.

What Does --- Mean in Morse Code?

“---” means “O” in Morse code.

What Does 3 Dots Mean in Morse Code?

Letter S is three dots in Morse code: “...”

Can Siri Translate Morse Code?

Yes, Siri can translate Morse Code. If you want to try it, say: “Hey Siri, What is Morse Code for Hello?”

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