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SQL Formatter helps to format SQL code data and it helps the developer easy to read the SQL. This tool helps uses to beautify large SELECT statements and make it easy to read.

SQL formatting is a tedious task, which can be handled by an SQL formatter. SQL formatter is a utility that converts the unreadable SQL code into a readable format. It preserves all the details of the original, just in a different format.

SQL Query formatter is not easy to do manually and it takes time to maintain these standards for each database schema. So people who write SQL queries or those who only need to update some queries can also use an online sql formatter tool for this purpose and help save time on formatting sql queries.

How it Works?

Just paste your SQL to the textarea above and click to the button "Format" and you will get formatted SQL in the same textarea.

Example of SQL Formatter


DELETE FROM table1 WHERE NOT EXISTS(SELECT * FROM table2 WHERE table1.field1 = table2.field1);


FROM table1
	FROM table2
	WHERE table1.field1 = table2.field1);
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